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Custom Build Services


  • Coordinate with architect in designing structural, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans to ensure that all systems work together properly
  • Prepare an initial project budget to forecast cost estimates
  • Meet with client, architect, and designer to explore cost-effective options and alternatives
  • Once architectural drawings are complete, begin bidding process by obtaining 3 bids per trade. Review each bid with client and offer recommendations
  • Full-time Project Manager on all projects to coordinate subcontractors and to ensure the proper execution of the construction process
  • Our bi-weekly client billing includes a detailed spreadsheet that outlines the forecasted budget for each trade, contracted amount, the percentage billed, and remaining balance to complete project
  • Daily progress reports outline the work completed that day, as well as forecasts scheduled work for the following day
  • Weekly progress reports outline the work completed for the entire week, as well as forecasts upcoming work for the following week. Digital photographs are also included
  • Weekly client meetings to review ongoing progress and address any needed clarification/questions. In addition to the Project Manager and President of Fisher Construction, these meetings typically include: architect, consultants, designer, owner, and any necessary subcontractors
  • Maintain proper insurance certificates and licenses for all subcontractors
  • Upon project completion, we do a detailed walkthrough with the client, to ensure client satisfaction. Any items needing attention are handled immediately
  • Provide client with a binder that contains names, addresses and phone numbers of all subcontractors and suppliers used for the project. This binder also includes all product warranty cards and instruction booklets.